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 Investment
 The infinity
 The concept
• Infinity

• World

• Pay

• Plan

 Vision
 Types of business
 How we do the businesses
 Why we do business
 Levels of participation/ slot per year
 Frequently asked questions
• Who is eligible to participate?

• When and how can I participate?

• How real is the business investment?

• How safe am i?

• Is the business investment legal? / does it have a legal right?

• How long will the investment scheme last?

• To whom do I give my investment capital?

• Who is solely in charge of the investment scheme?

A table format summary presentation of the investment scheme
 From the heart of the initiator

 Business

Business is defined as one’s regular occupation, profession or trade from which one derives income, satisfaction and purpose. A present day meaning will therefore cover many activities which a person hopes or plans to obtain an income or profit on a regular basis of which one of the said very many activities has been presented in this prospectus.

 Investment

Investment is simply a business that one involves his/her money or capital for the sole aim of making profit. Another word for investment is “deal” or “venture”. A deal is simply a business agreement one has with another person or individual, expecting a certain result. Therefore, it means that, in every investment, there must be a return. However, there are many ways an individual can invest his money and some of which are; shares, bonds, fixed deposits, above others. It is very much pertinent and advisable that an investor participates and involves his money in worthwhile investments platforms when the need arises within a particular time or period as investments have the potential to rise, grow or develop into a reasonably large fortune with which they could execute bigger tasks or plans.

The infinity

The Name “Infinity World Pay Plan”

The name infinity world pay plan describes a pay plan without end. It is called a pay plan for its superlative concept of investment scheme for which it presents to whoever willing.

“IWPP” is one of a kind initiative set-up or designed to render financial support to individuals who are ready to invest for the future by keying-in into this scarce and very reliable investment opportunity.

It is no mincing of words when we say “reliable” because we are resolved as well as being committed to doing/transacting business with integrity. It is also our most obligations to be very fair to our clients no matter the class or creed that they might be or belong. With absolute knowledge of the current business and financial trend in our nation and country Nigeria, “IWPP” has taken upon itself, the responsibility to focus on the total establishment of individuals, who really are willing and capable, with all sense of sincerity, to take the bold step that would, in no distant time, distinguish them from the society. However, it is no longer tales what our elders sat that “you can force a horse to the stream but you cannot force it to drink of its water- this is indeed true- as we believe that, although IWPP has been initiated, discovered and bought by some people, there are still millions of individual who, when they hear about it and, perhaps, have seen it proven in the lives of others, will yet have “a thousand and one reasons” to disbelieve the initiative. This mind-set cannot be misunderstood because it could be based on, may be, by experience or by words-of-mouth (news), the very much current criminal and dubious activities which have, over the years, been on the rampage causing so many heart-breaks and heart failures while for some individuals, they just do not believe that there could ever be an initiative that operates exactly in the manner of IWPP without having some illegality (dubious activities/transactions) involved in its business. It is with these views and understanding that we have decide and chosen to revert as well as redeeming the image of Financial Services Firms in Nigeria and this can only be possible by your (our clients’ or prospective clients’) cooperative efforts.

In other to clear possible doubts, individuals can read through “the types of business and frequently asked questions” contents which are still few pages after and below.

The concept

The concept of infinity world pay plan is very much elucidated and highly inspirational as well. And I hope that when you finish reading through you will be able to understand all that it entails and offers you.

Nevertheless, by the word “concept” we mean: the style; the effect the name has on the business. Why infinity? Why world? Why pay plan? Why infinity world pay plan?

Infinity (without end): By infinity, we mean:

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